Bill Haynes

Bill has been training people for 35 plus years. From the golden era of personal training to todays much more complex training methods. Bill has seen it all and done it all.

The nice thing about having the kind of experience that Bill has, is that you will never run out of different styles of training. If you’re looking for a weight loss program you have come to the right trainer. Bill being an (NTP) Nutri with specialization in autoimmune disease IE Hashimotos, Celica’s to Grover’s disease and many more. Feel free to bring it on and let’s talk about the issues you may be having.

If you are looking for quality in a trainer then you have come to the right place.

Bill is also and ex-football player and Muay Thai fighter.

Bill has also been a national level bodybuilder and stood on stage at 2% body fat. He has also gotten hundreds of people ready for shows across the nation.  

Bill has owned a brick and mortar gym for almost the last 20 years. Trained over 4000 people in his career. Are you next? 

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Ben Haynes

Ben has 16 years of experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Ben played college football at Linfield until a torn ACL forced him to quit the sport. Through his own rehab experience he found a passion for post rehab training and working with individuals who are still suffering from old injuries but want to get back to physical activity. Ben worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Oregon State University’s Athletic Department and later made his fitness dream a reality by opening
his own gym in Hawaii and another in Seattle.

Through his experience he has discovered that health and fitness is different for everyone. It’s a lifestyle that is always changing and adapting as we go through life. Whether you’re new to fitness or are training for your next marathon or are somewhere in-between, Ben will take the time to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through fun effect workouts.


Exercise Sports Science Degree from Oregon State University, NSCA CPT, TRX, Les Mills
Body Combat, and SurfSet.

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Lynley Bouchard

Lynley arrives at Fusion with enthusiasm and dedication to fitness that spans a lifetime. Her energy and excitement is contagious and will encourage and motivate clients of all ages, skill levels, and ambitions. She has a passion to help and encourage those who suffer from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and overall muscle and body weakness, and those who suffer from the ill effects of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. She can provide Personal Training to clients who desire to improve their existing fitness levels through goal setting and a motivational style to achieve those landmark successes for anyone at any level!!

Prior to a career in Fitness, Lynley has been a professional Horse Trainer for decades.
Degree in Marketing from The University of Arizona
Degree in Fitness Technology from Portland Community College
Level 3 ADAPT Certified Trainer ACSM Certified ZUMBA GOLD Certified
NPC Body Building competitor in Masters Bikini Division

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Scott Schaffer

With 30 years experience Scott is dedicated to helping his clients make the best use of their resources through time effective workouts, proper nutrition, and implementing low volume, high intensity workouts. Recovery, frequency, duration and intensity results in the best possible strength increases, injury prevention,flexibility and a calculated road map to getting lean, strong and improving athletic ability. Scott uses free weights to insure bone density, connective tissue and lean mass increases as well as machines and body weight exercises to meet all potential needs and client related goals.

Sessions are 30 to 45 mi, ages 13 and up. Scott’s primary goal, to provide longevity, strength and injury prevention with the highest level of human performance when we need it. Daily life offers many challenges, when we train correctly we can enjoy all aspects of life, not being limited due to strength both physically and mentally. Come see Scott for a workout and get the tools you need to reach your full potential.

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