Bill Haynes

I am ACE, IFPA certified and a certified kick boxing instructor. I have been personal training for over 20 years. Each of my programs are tailored specifically to fit you and your needs. If you’re looking to lose body fat, or get to your next level of fitness, I have the training program for you!

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Meredith Warren

When choosing her career path, Meredith was certain of one thing–she loved helping people but wasn’t sure where she belonged best. Initially, she pursued education for a career in Nursing, but decided that she wanted to help people BEFORE they got sick. After taking one nutrition focused course, Meredith was hooked! Upon finishing her Health Promotion Degree, she knew she wanted to beef up her skills outside of her education. She landed herself a personal training certification from ACE. After a couple of years training, she chose to also pursue a Cross-Fit certification to implement functional weight lifting into her own life as well as her clients.

Fusion Fitness Bend, OR

Jason Lobaugh

After 23 years as a police officer with a Portland police bureau, I decided to enter the health and fitness industry and became a fitness trainer/coach. I also did my first competition in 2014 and took the Masters overall in the men’s physique division. I have done several other competitions since then, and I’ve never place less than 5th in my class. Most recently I took two first places and 1 2nd place in the Cascadian here in Bend.

The thing I love most about fitness coaching is watching people change their lives and watching their body change over time. With consistency, intensity, and a smart plan, I have seen people of every size and shape completely transform their body.

If you’ve been thinking about getting serious about your fitness journey, let’s make an appointment sit down, go over your goals, and get you started down the right path!

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